Barwon Valley Smallgoods
our story…

Barwon Valley Smallgoods make small goods using traditional methods. The end result is the best ham, bacon, smoked chicken breast and cabanossi you will ever taste.

What drives us…

Barwon Valley Smallgoods is a owned and operated by artisan smallgoods guru Damien Batties. Barwon Valley Smallgood’s story starts with Damien completing a butchery apprenticeship at a pretty young age.

Damien’s interest in small-goods was sparked while working at a Gourmet Butchers in South Melbourne where he was taught the art of small-goods making. Upon opening his own venture Damien was drawn back to the love of the craft he had been taught and decided to make his own smoked products. Experimentation and many trial and error recipes has led to some exciting and ultimately award winning results.

We are a boutique producer of great small-goods, we love the whole process from selecting the right animal to serving the delicious end product with everyone who appreciates it. We only use the best ingredients and we make sure every product is hand made by either one of us, that how we know it will be good.

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